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Wenig Saltiel LLP, led by Meryl L. Wenig and Jeffrey L. Saltiel, is comprised of an experienced team of dedicated, innovative and passionate attorneys. Our firm is committed to promoting our client's objective and delivering results. Our extensive experience allows us to be adept at handling complex litigation issues.

Meryl L. Wenig, has over 25 years of experience in Landlord/Tenant Law and is recognized as a tough, no-nonsense litigator. Due to her extensive knowledge in her field, Ms. Wenig is often consulted by attorneys and judges on complex cases. She is sought out for her inventive strategies to litigation which have led to an impressive record of success for clients and establishing new legal precedent in Landlord/Tenant and real estate law.

Jeffrey L. Saltiel, over the past 25 years, has used his knowledge of housing and real estate principles, business savvy, and bottom-line approach to achieve excellent results while consistently saving valuable time and money for clients. Mr. Saltiel has been called upon to serve various courts as a Guardian Ad Litem and has represented numerous Receivers and other court appointed fiduciaries with a proven record of exceptional results. Active in the legal community, he has lectured on Landlord/Tenant topics to attorneys and real estate professionals.

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