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Key in the Lock
In Negotiation

You Have the Right To Save Your Property and Credit Score


Whether it is the home you live in, your place of business or an investment property, for most of us real estate represents the largest asset we will ever own.  When that investment is put at risk, we help you understand the rights granted to you by your mortgage and, especially for residential property, by the many state and federal laws designed to protect you from unscrupulous or overzealous lenders.  It is important to remember that no matter how far behind you are on your payments and no matter how serious your debts are, we are here to protect and enforce yours rights. At Wenig Saltiel LLP, we have successfully negotiated, litigated, settled and dismissed foreclosure matters in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx as well as Nassau County and Suffolk County.

We Focus On Your Goals

Given our experience in foreclosure defense, we are able to anticipate the strategies of foreclosing lenders and their attorneys, and thereby determine how best to reach the most favorable outcome for our clients.  Our team, which includes foreclosure industry veterans who are known and respected by lenders and their counsel, has litigated hundreds of foreclosure cases against every major foreclosure firm in the State of New York including, notably, Aldridge Pite, Berkman Henoch, Frenkel Lambert, Gross Polowy, Hogan Lovalls, Knuckles Komosinski, Leopold & Assocs., McCabe Weisberg, Ras Boriskin, Reed Smith, Shapiro & DiCaro, Stagg Terenzi, and Woods Oviatt.  We craft a legal strategy to reach your goals by being fully informed of the most recent court decisions and of our opponents’ tactics and procedures.  Our firm aggressively litigates every foreclosure matter without regard to how impatient the judge might be.  We fight for justice notwithstanding whether the court system is overly concerned with case statistics and bureaucratic expedience.  When the courts abuse their discretion or disregard or misinterpret the law or the specific facts of your case, we stand ready to take your matter to a higher court by way of an appeal or take action to compel the presiding court to follow the law by way of an Article 78 proceeding.

Among the foreclosure exit-strategies with which we can assist are as follows:

  1. Loan Modification/Reinstatement – giving you the ability to get back on your feet after a temporary financial hardship

  2. Short sale/Short Satisfaction or Payoff – thereby mitigating any damage to your credit score

  3. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – thereby ending the litigation by transferring ownership of your property in a controlled way to the bank

​When saving your home is not your best option or is simply impossible, we will continue to fight to the fullest extent allowable by the law—even to the extent of defending against post-foreclosure eviction proceedings to give you a chance to relocate with confidence and dignity.

It’s Never Too Late

While it is to your advantage to seek counsel as soon as you have mortgage troubles, if you believe you have reached an impasse with your lender or simply want a second opinion, see us – even if the foreclosure auction is days away.


Saving a family misled by a deceitful mortgage broker. We not only saved the family's home from foreclosure, but we obtained a judgment in excess of $70,000 against the broker.

Dismissed a foreclosure based upon the expiration of the statute of limitations thereby paving the way for the homeowner to own the house free of the mortgage.

Stayed a foreclosure by a commercial bank on the grounds that the mortgage was obtained fraudulently.

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