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Aeriel View of New York

Navigating Landlords Through Complexity


The most highly regulated relationship in the City of New York is the relationship between landlords and tenants.  Wenig Saltiel represents landlords and property owners (both residential and commercial) in disputes related to evictions, nonpayment proceedings, holdover proceedings, HP proceedings, illegal lockouts, AirBnB litigation, and property management issues.

​Our office is known for handling complex landlord/tenant cases from which the “settlement mills” shy away. In fact, many of these cases are referred to us by other landlord/tenant attorneys.  Our partners help landlords to make an appropriate cost/benefit analysis before proceeding with a case.  While the client always has the last word as whether or not to settle a case, our firm’s aggressive approach does not look to settlement as the first resort for resolving every landlord/tenant dispute.  Our firm is well-equipped to handle principled, but financially informed, litigation for landlords.  Our office is no stranger to the gamesmanship of radical housing rights activists and other “community organizers” who persistently seek to infringe upon the property rights of building owners and further their own ideologies.  Our aggressive approach not only seeks to win the case at hand, but also to deter overreach with regard to our clients. 

​When a landlord is faced with a legal dispute, it is foolhardy to attempt to proceed without experienced legal representation, particularly in the City of New York where tenants are regularly afforded free representation from highly competent legal aid attorneys. There are a host of state and local laws that affect the landlord/tenant relationship, and these laws are usually strictly construed against the landlord, which may create legal pitfalls for those who do not have the guidance of an experience landlord/tenant attorney.


Evicted a daycare center by obtaining a court order allowing the eviction before sunrise because the tenant was having children present during daylight hours which caused the Dept of Investigation to repeatedly force the marshal to cancel the eviction.

Evicted the Yipee Museum from the building they formerly owned on Bleecker Street when they did not pay rent or mortgage for many years.

Succeeded in evicting the Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore while overcoming landmarks applications and intense political pressure.

Evicting a tenant from a 17,000 square foot luxury apartment within 1 year of being hired where prior attorneys had been unsuccessful for over 30 years prior.

Successfully sued a Civil Court Judge to eliminate additional requirements she created in order to obtain a warrant of eviction.

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