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DHPD changes Multiple Dwelling Registration deadlines for filing


Buildings with three or more dwelling units, known in New York City as Multiple Dwellings, must be registered with The Department of Housing Preservation and Development One- and two-family dwellings where neither the owner nor any family member occupies the dwelling are also required to register with HPD.


Building registration must be renewed annually or whenever ownership changes.


If a building does not have a valid Property Registration, a violation may be issued to the owner and the owner may be liable  for civil penalties.  Further, the owner will not be able to request a Code Violation Dismissal or in some instances, succeed in a court action for nonpayment of rent.




STARTING IN 2013, the annual Property Registration cycle will be the same for all properties that are required to register:  All properties will be required to be registered annually by the same date: September 1st.  Owners or their agents will receive the re-registration form from HPD at the end of May or beginning of June each year.  An owner is required to provide contact information about the owner or owning entity, the managing agent, the site management, the lessee (if there is one) and information about who can be contacted in the event that there is an emergency at the building.


Properties which currently have a registration due date prior to September 1, 2013, (typically April 1st) will have their current registration extended by HPD until September 1, 2013.  No action is needed to extend the date.  Properties that currently have a registration due date of October 2013, must now submit their form by September 1st.


More information on this topic can be obtained by contacting Jeffrey L. Saltiel.

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